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OLIVES & PLATES invites you to a memorable dining experience, whatever the occasion. From enjoying a meal at our restaurants, catching up at our Coffee shops, to indulging your guests with our catering services at a function or conference - our menu boasts a delectable range of quality healthy food, and the professional service & expertise to come with it.

BAKE CENTRAL was created to continue the supply of superb and superior baked goods to the public. Our aim is to rekindle peoples' love for home-style baked goods and supply products which allow all to experience the joys of a lovingly made confection.

PHASE 1 of BAKE CENTRAL has focused on the indulgent biscuit and cookie. Whether it is a single biscuit being enjoyed or an entire packet, we work tirelessly to supply biscuits and cookies to please. With our various ranges, flavours and styles, we look to meet and exceed the expectations of even the most discerning of cookie lovers. Whether you like them soft and melt-in-the-mouth or crunchy and packed full of chocolate chips, we have something for all.

Please find our products in all OLIVES & PLATES units and allow yourself the opportunity to find your favourite biscuit or cookie.

For any further information on products, availability and ordering, please contact:
Devin James
Email: info@thebiscuitbakery.co.za
Tel: 079 428 3305

Client Reviews

Dear Litza, Veena and the team,

Thank you very much for taking care of the BANKSETA delegates. The service and food was excellent. The delegates had positive comments only about the food and service. It means a lot to have your support and understanding, with all the last minute changes I make, to give first class service to executives that come to my programme. I appreciate your understanding and service. A special thank you goes to Vusi and his team for their patience and understanding. I look forward to working with you again in the next few months.

Kind regards
Faith Senamolela Koroloso
Senior Programme Manager